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Immersive Medical & Rescue Training provides specifically tailored, comprehensive medical and rescue training for individuals and employers.

We impart our knowledge in a way that is accessible, inclusive and rewarding for all our participants and clients.  

There is a constant challenge to deliver the utmost professional and innovative training, assuring a quality service level and cost that is second to none.

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Mark Brennan is an emergency medical technician registered with the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council in Ireland.

Mark has been involved in the provision of pre-hospital emergency care for over 20 years and is a qualified instructor in First Aid Response, Cardiac First Response and Road Traffic Collision Extrication. Mark has been instrumental in the inception and delivery of training courses for many organisations in the area of emergency medicine and vehicle extrication.

The attention to detail and professional delivery of all training resources, ensures that your training experience will be the best you have ever had.

People die of Cardiac Arrests in Ireland each day
Percentage chance of survival each minute without CPR and AED drops by
People die of Cardiac Arrest in Ireland each year
Number of hours to learn a life changing skill

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